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For Toledo City Council 6th District


I understand that government and politicians don’t create jobs and that government regulation is never the solution to our city's economic and budgetary challenges.  I will focus on rebuilding Toledo to make this City economically competitive and welcoming to innovation and job creation.

We need to build jobs not just in the downtown area but in every neighborhood .

You can count on me to fight for:

  • Reducing the cost of government
    I will take a microscope to current city programs to ensure taxpayers are getting their money’s worth.

  • Create a business friendly environment
    We need to remove barriers, red tape and bureaucracy. When a new business wants to open, we need to say: "How can we help?"  Not: "We will be out in 30 days to inspect your business"  to High taxes, excessive regulation, and frivolous lawsuits do not help businesses succeed and create jobs. I want to put an end to those things and put up the welcome sign for employers

  • A one stop shop for permits:  
    We need to provide a one stop shop for entrepreneurs or corporations looking to open a business in the City of Toledo.  A place where they can obtain necessary permits and licenses to open a business.  When an application to open a new business is submitted, a checklist should be provided outlining the requirements that need to met.