Opioid Addiction

The greatest.problem we face.  Eighty percent (80%) of our crime is related to drugs.  People using.  People selling.  People stealing.  Gangs exist and recruit Toledo's youth.  Human trafficking.  All exist because of Opioid addiction. 

I will work to reduce Opioid addiction by:  

  • Partner with area hospitals to create free treatment programs.
  • Work with area churches and non-profits to create safe houses.
  • Create a drug court within Toledo Municipal Court.
  • Work with employers to employ recovering addicts.

Rather than spending taxpayer money on bigger jails to house drug offenders, let's work to eliminate the problem.  This would be a better way to spend taxpayer money.

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After hours club

We do not need after hours club's in our district.   They only lead to shooting and violence.  I support police action to close them. Zoning need to be changed to prevent them in the First Place. .

For Toledo City Council 6th District

Stop the Swamp

Once again, there is a movement to fill our recreational  water and make it  a swamp.  i do support wetlands, but not at the sake of recreational water.  We have one of the world;s greatest resources- lake Erie.  Fishing, boating and other recreation take place.  The view is great. I understand the need to dredge for shipping.  Just because it is cheaper to create a swamp doesn't mean we should.  Dredging materials need to be placed elsewhere.  Maybe another man made island out in the lake.  Maybe take the material upstream where it came from.  While AI don't have the answers, i am open to idea.  Creating a swamp is just not a good idea..


Downtown development with the Mud Hens, Walleye, and Promedica is in improving.  The outer belt of the City is in fine shape.  There is what I call "a circle of woe" between downtown and the outlying parts of the city.  We need to incentivize its' redevelopment.  

  • Encourage city employees to live in the inner city.  While we cannot demand city employees live in the city, we can provide incentives for them to do so.  For City employees who choose to live in the inner city, I propose we eliminate the 3/4% of the City Income Tax.
  • Work with area banks to provide low interest loans to people who chose to live in the inner city, whether to purchase a home or make home improvements.
  • Work with hospitals, like Mercy Health or Promedica, to provide loans or grants to individuals seeking to buy or improve their homes.  
  • Work with other non-profits to develop "mini villages" for economic growth.
  • Create a private government partnership to allow neighborhoods to take ownership of their parks and recreational areas.